Weekly T: Full Lunar Eclipse


On the 27th of July there will be the longest full lunar eclipse of the past century. The Earth will obscure the Moon, bathing in a reddish light refracted from the Earth’s atmosphere – a Blood Moon. Before exploring the lunar eclipse and its effects, lets look at the Moon’s movement and phases and its astrological significance more generally. 

The Moon

In astrology, the Moon represents our subconscious and emotions, and is associated with all that is feminine. Just as the Moon controls the tides, it also controls our feelings and mood swings. Any aspect to the Moon is likely to have a subconscious effect on our day to day lives.

Lunar Phases:

The New Moon commences the 28 day lunar cycle. It represents the beginning of a new phase and opens up a new chapter in our lives. The sign and house the New Moon will be in will affect how this new beginning will manifest and in what area of life. The Moon will begin to wax in the Crescent phase, and creativity will run high so that we may commence our new endeavors. In the First Quarter phase, obstacles may emerge. It is time to re-evaluate and readjust our path. As the Moon approaches the Gibbous phase, we must maintain an analytical and organised approach as there may be external distractions. The Full Moon will symbolize a period of culmination, and it will be an energetic time filled with activity. We will gain a more objective view and may make any necessary adjustments to our goals. The Moon will hereon begin to wain, and the Disseminating phase will bring inner change. Thanks to the objective view and input gained from the Full Moon, we will now be able to learn and to share our experiences with others. Reflection will come around with the Last Quarter phase. There will be a feeling of fulfillment and it is time to reflect on what we have achieved, and possibly tie a few loose ends. The Moon will then enter its final phase – the Balsamic phase. It is time to start looking to the future and letting go of the past. With the coming of the New Moon, the lunar cycle will be complete!

Lunar Eclipses

There are both solar and lunar eclipses. Solar eclipses occur during a New Moon, when the Moon covers the Sun from the Earth’s view. Conversely, a lunar eclipse occurs during a Full Moon, when the Earth obscures the Moon from the Sun’s light. Throughout history, eclipses have been considered bad omens of death and devastation.

Straight off the bat we can already ascribe some significance to solar and lunar eclipses based on the lunar phases we explored earlier. Since lunar eclipses occur during a Full Moon, they must involve the culmination of a certain project and a revelation or change in perspective. Solar eclipses occur during New Moons and will involve the end of a life phase and the commencement of a new one.

Lets break down what a lunar eclipse “anatomically” consists of (if you will). The Moon will be opposing the Sun. Additionally, the Moon will be conjunct one of the lunar nodes, whilst the Sun will be conjunct the opposing lunar nodes. The configuration of luminary and node conjunctions might affect the significance of the particular eclipse. To find out more regarding lunar nodes visit: http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_nodes_e.htm

An opposition between the Sun and the Moon brings with it inner struggle. At this time our energy, intentions and core desires might be in opposition with our emotional self and our need for security. We might feel somewhat conflicted.

What renders an eclipse particularly impactful however, is the conjunction between luminaries and lunar nodes. The lunar nodes are mathematical points which carry with them a very karmic energy. The north node represents our karmic journey. What is our path in life? What are we meant to achieve? What obstacles are we meant to surmount? The south node, on the other hand represents our past lives, and the lessons and skills we have learnt in the past. It represents our innate skills and comfort zones. The south node will demonstrate the weaknesses and patters we are meant to change. We can see how the south and north node complement one another. In order to go somewhere we must have come from somewhere.

Thus, the inner emotional struggle (sun opposite moon) brought about by the lunar eclipse will be of karmic importance. It will be a turning point, a great revelation which might eventually lead to a new outlook on life.  It might manifest in a crisis or a major life changing event. The universe is essentially compelling us to move forward on our life path. The signs and houses the sun and moon find themselves in will shed greater light onto the individual areas of life which will be affected by this eclipse (explored later).

Lunar Eclipse July 27th

In this lunar eclipse, the Moon is conjunct the south node, whilst the Sun is conjunct the north node. Additionally, the Moon is almost exactly conjunct Mars. Uranus squares both the Moon and Mars, and the Sun. The Moon, Mars and south node will be in Aquarius, whilst the Sun and north node will be in Leo.

The Moon conjunct the south node and the Sun conjunct the north node tells us that it is our emotions and subconscious patters which are holding us back in this moment. On the other hand our life force and our core desires are in line with our karmic path and our destiny. As we saw, this is a time of inner struggle (Sun opposite Moon). In order to gain the most from this lunar eclipse, we have to move forward and relinquish our comfort zone and our ingrained patterns. There is no way we can advance in life if we don’t take risks. The unexpected and triggering nature of this lunar eclipse might not give us a choice. The events which will unfold will force us to break free of our past emotional habits and subconscious thought patterns in order to advance.

This lunar eclipse will be especially challenging due to retrograde Mars’ conjunction with the Moon and its opposition to the Sun. This powerful force will bring additional frustration due to pent up anger, which is likely to erupt throughout this eclipse. Additionally, the fact that mars is conjunct the South node and opposed to the North node may suggest that there is some anger management issue, sexual abuse or a power struggle that we need to shed in order to move forward. How do we process we anger? How do we assert ourselves? There is likely an ingrained pattern that needs to be altered. The full moon and lunar eclipse is sure to bring such issues to light.

To top it off, Uranus will be squaring this lunar eclipse (and Mars), heightening the unpredictable nature of this event. It will lead to further impulsive reactions (which will be unfavorable due to the opposition between the Moon and Sun, and the conjunction between Retrograde Mars and the Moon). However, this outburst isn’t necessarily going to be negative. Uranus brings with it lots of creative energy. Who knows what original inventions and innovative ideas might come to you! This karmic epiphany might pave the way to your future!

Overall, the karmic outburst brought by this intense lunar eclipse will be linked with the Leo-Aquarius polarity. It will broadly have to do with the balance between our individuality and society. However, the specific area of life which will be affected depends on the houses occupied by the luminaries. This will depend your ascendant (or sun sign if you don’t know your ascendant).

How will the Lunar Eclipse affect you? What do you need to let go of , and which area of life should you be focusing on?

  • Aries Asc/Sun: The 5th-11th house polarity will be impacted. Stop focusing so much on your friendship, society and group activities and start focusing on your self-expression, creativity and love affairs.
  • Taurus Asc/Sun: The 4th-10th house polarity will impacted. Stop focusing so much on your of career, social status and authority figures and start focusing on your home, family and parents.
  • Gemini Asc/Sun: The 3rd-9th house polarity will be impacted. Stop focusing on your of travel, philosophy and higher learning and start focusing on your communication, siblings and neighborhood.
  • Cancer Asc/Sun: The 2nd-8th house polarity will be impacted. Stop focusing on your sexual relationships, intimacy and shared resources and start focusing on your money, personal resources and self worth.
  • Leo Asc/Sun: The 1st-7th house polarity will be impacted. Stop focusing on your relationships, partnerships and other people and start focusing on your self-image, physical body and outer personality.
  • Virgo Asc/Sun: The 6th-12th house polarity will be impacted. Stop focusing on your health, work and daily routine and start focusing on your religion, spirituality and karma.
  • Libra Asc/Sun: The 5th-11th house polarity will be impacted. Stop focusing on your 5th house of self-expression, creativity and love affairs and start focusing on your friendships, society and group activities.
  • Scorpio Asc/Sun: The 4th-10th house polarity will be impacted. Stop focusing on your home, family and parents and start focusing on your career, social status and authority figures.
  • Sagittarius Asc/Sun: The 3rd-9th house polarity will be impacted. Stop focusing on your communications, siblings and neighborhood and start focusing on your travel, philosophy and higher learning. 
  • Capricorn Asc/Sun: The 2nd-8th house polarity will be impacted. Stop focusing on your money, personal resources and self worth and start focusing on your sexual relationships, intimacy and shared resources.
  • Aquarius Asc/Sun: The 1st-7th house polarity will be impacted. Stop focusing on your self-image, physical body and outer personality and start focusing on your relationships, partnerships and other people.
  • Pisces Asc/Sun: The 6th-12th house polarity will be impacted. Stop focusing on your religion, spirituality and karma and start focusing on your health, work and daily routine.


Weekly T: Mars Retrograde

37300484_2514375608588660_7556745153424130048_nAlthough you’ve probably heard of Retrograde Mercury, how much do you know about this summer’s Retrograde Mars? Mars is roughly retrograde once every two years. This time, Mars is going to be retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn from June 26th to August 27th, 2018! So what does this mean and what impact could it have?

Mars is the God of War. It’s the planet of energy, action and assertiveness. Mars determines how we go after what we want. When retrograde, Mars’ energy and instincts are internalized. Thus, this could be a time of friction and tension, where we feel like we can’t express our desires or go about getting what we want properly. Passive aggressiveness, indecision and sexual frustration characterize this period. This is not a time to take action or make any bold decision. It is more a time for reflection on our instincts and motivation. Take these few months to think over any big decision. Consider the pros and cons. Just because your instinct tells you its the right decision, doesn’t mean it is! Reconsider your impulses and the way you’re acting on them.

Mars will be retrograde in Aquarius and will then make its way back into Capricorn on Aug 12.  Mars retrograde in an Air sign such as Aquarius further emphasizes the importance of thought and reflection on our actions and how they may affect our friends and community. Take some time to think before you act, and take advantage of Aquarius’ cool breeze to calm down and rationalize your anger and frustration. This might be a bit hard when Mars moves back into Capricorn as there will be initial sparks of anger at the turning point. Mars’s return to Capricorn suggests that there is some unresolved problem that needs to be dealt this. Mars was previously in Capricorn from March to May, and it is now returning to Capricorn because these is a certain issue you might have been dealing with during that time that is not resolved.

Throughout the retrograde phase, Mars will firstly oppose Mercury (felt most intensely from 3rd July to 8th), square Uranus (22nd July – 15th August), oppose the Sun (24th July – 30th) and conjunct the Moon and Lunar Node in quite an intense Lunar Eclipse (27th of July).

Mars opposite Mercury will intensify the frustration created by Mars retrograde. Mercury is the planet of thought, mind and communication. Thus there will be additional friction between your thoughts and impulses, which might negatively affect your communication with other. You might be tempted to make rash decisions. This is only likely to create more hostility and arguments. Think before you speak and before you act!

Mars will then square Uranus. Uranus, planet of revolution, innovation and surprises, will bring even more crazy energy and tension. Mars’ energy will become even more volatile, and will lead to increased impulsiveness and rebelliousness. There may even be some unexpected events (especially near the lunar eclipse). Take all this pent up energy and frustration and express it creatively. Uranus is a bolt of lightning and inspiration. Use this crazy energy to get in touch with your creative and artistic self!

Whilst still in square with Uranus, Mars will conjunct the Moon and South Node and oppose the Sun on July 27th. This conjunction coincides with the longest lunar eclipse of the century, and it’s not necessarily going to be an easy one. Emotions and impulses will be heightened, leading up to this day. Its going to be quite an intense period so try and relax and make sure you think before you act on this crazy energy! I won’t spill any more T on the lunar eclipse as it may or may not be next week’s T 😉 …

Overall this should be a time of reflection. Take some time to think through your plans and desires. Don’t get too caught up in the moment! Take a breather, and stay calm! 

The specific area of life which will be affected by Mars retrograde will depend on your ascendant (or sun sign if you don’t know your ascendant). Mars retrograde will be more influential for some people, depending on what natal planets will be in aspect with Mars. 

  • Aries Asc/Sun: 11th house of friendship, society and group activities
  • Taurus Asc/Sun: 10th house of career, social status and authority figures
  • Gemini Asc/Sun: 9th house of travel, philosophy and higher learning
  • Cancer Asc/Sun: 8th house of sexual relationships, intimacy and shared resources
  • Leo Asc/Sun: 7th house of relationships, partnerships and people
  • Virgo Asc/Sun: 6th house of health, work and daily routine
  • Libra Asc/Sun: 5th house of self-expression, creativity and love affairs
  • Scorpio Asc/Sun: 4th house of home, family and parents
  • Sagittarius Asc/Sun: 3rd house of communication, siblings and short journeys
  • Capricorn Asc/Sun: 2nd house of money, personal resources and self worth
  • Aquarius Asc/Sun: 1st house of self-image, physical body and outer personality
  • Pisces Asc/Sun: 12th house of religion, spirituality and karma